Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Warning: Seemingly Callous Post to Follow

When WTC victims, Katrina victims, trapped firefighters, surrounded cops and pinned down Marines/Soldiers are rescued it's incredible and uplifting and until they are it's gut wrenching...

Not so much with the Mt. Hood hikers. All of the aforementioned people were in situations beyond their control. Not so much with the Mt. Hood hikers.

I am a "Discovery Channel" junkie -from Dirty Jobs to Cash Cab, but the channel gets changed as soon as "Extreme Everest" comes on. Who cares about a bunch of people that put themselves into ridiculous situations?

Now the Oregon National Guard is out looking for these hikers....using God knows how many thousands of dollars in resources --they even have a Chinook up there. For what? Someone's HOBBY? Should the National Guard escort me to karate class? Are these hikers and they're families going to pay back the resources that were used to find them when their HOBBY went awry?

I know it seems callous, but I'm having trouble mustering sympathy...

Update: It seems I'm not the only one wondering who should foot the bill. After I wrote this I noticed an email from Liz with an article asking the same question. Thanks Liz, now I don't feel as heartless.

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