Friday, December 15, 2006

Veteran's Arab Effigy

Pat La Tray, a veteran of "several wars", says that he doesn't care that people are offended by the Arab that hangs from gallows in his front yard with an American flag piercing his heart --he says He is offended by Americans that don't stand up for the troops...

People have complained, but considering the display is on private property there isn't much that can be done. The ACLU and CAIR find their hands tied by freedom of speech...

"...Nearby resident Pilar Sinelnikoff said she doesn't care what La Tray says. The effigy offends her every time she walks by it. "I'm appalled he calls himself an American," she said. "He's pathetic."

Sinelnikoff said she has not spoken with La Tray, but she knocked on the door and spoke with his wife last week. She told Sinelnikoff that her husband put it up.

"You cannot miss it when you walk or drive by," Sinelnikoff said. "It's just disgusting."

When asked her thoughts about the effigy, Nong La Tray, who is a citizen of Thailand and moved here in 2002, said she has no problem with it. She said Muslims were oppressive in her home country.

"They're not good people," she said." (source)

"It is a patriotic symbol," La Tray said. "It has nothing to do with race or religion. I'm an American to the bone," he said. "For me, it is strictly about Islamo-fascism." (source)

He should be selling them on eBay...

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