Friday, December 15, 2006

President Bush is Amazing!

It seems that on top of pulling off the world's best plot and cover up by toppling the World Trade Center and creating a hurricane and planting bombs on the New Orleans 9th Ward levees to kill lots of poor black folks...he has now pulled of the ultimate crescendo--he has caused a Senator to have a stroke...

BWahahahaha... Now the GOP will regain power!!!!

No, I'm not making this up --thanks to the folks over at NewBusters who watch the liberal MSM so we don't have to, we have the transcript of The View's Joy Behar asking of there is a such thing as "a man-made stroke"...

"...In other words, did someone do this to him?"" -Joy Behar

Good Lord.

Another great post over at Newsbusters: Julia Roberts won't kill spiders now that she voiced the animated Charlotte (of Charlotte's Web).

"You think, that’s a person, or somebody’s Mom or somebody’s best pal.” -Julia Roberts, Good Morning America, 12-13-06

Mark Finkelstein goes on to wonder whether she gives unborn babies the same consideration...

(BTW: You should be voting over at the Weblog Awards for Newsbusters in the "Best Media Blog" Section -right now the very liberal "The Raw Story" is leading and the POLLS CLOSE TODAY...Actually while you're there, go through and vote for all your favorites!)

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