Wednesday, December 06, 2006

OIF Veterans Speaking on Their Own Behalf

We are all guilty of speaking for them -from the President to the dude at the local car wash...but finally the men and women who have been on the ground in Iraq are weighing in on the fate of their brothers and sisters in arms...and on the course we should be taking in the Middle East.

The Site: Vets for Victory
The Mission Statement:
"Our mission is simple—to engage and change public sentiment to achieve victory in the war on terror. We will accomplish this by raising the soldier’s voice in the national debate on this war and provide accurate information from those that have had the most at stake—the soldier. Ours is a voice of experience, not academics or theory or postulation. We deserve to be listened to, not pandered to or pitied.

Without the commitment of the American people, our use of military power will falter in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our other instruments of national power, such as diplomatic or economic or information, will scarcely gain a foothold without solid commitment. Real victory will come when, as at times past, Americans hold to their ideals, rally as a nation, face the dangers threatening our way of life, and stand firm until victory is achieved. When our enemies see this commitment, they will lose their initiative and begin their march to defeat. We are the United States of America. We should never apologize for being who we are." (Read the rest)

Unlike any of our current and/or incoming politicians...they even have a plan to win. This is definitely a site worth bookmarking/linking.

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