Friday, December 22, 2006

The Most Popular Name in England... no longer George or Joseph --it's Mohammed or Muhammed.

"...There have been 2,833 babies named Mohammed born so far this year, and 1,422 named Muhammad, for a total of 4,255 – compared to 3,386 Georges and 3,755 Josephs, the Telegraph reports.

The popularity of the Prophet’s name reflects "the diverse ethnic mix of the population,” according to the Telegraph.

The name Mohammed alone is more popular than Henry, Edward, Michael, Adam and Charles." (source)

Here in the States, Mohammed ranked down at 622 in 2005 (and that is up from #493 in 1999). It will be interesting to monitor Mohammed ascent or decent in the years to come. Jacob and Michael are still the top names. (source)

Whether you name your child Mohammed or Michael it says the same thing to're a bit boring and unwilling to take risks --even if it means your child will need the first letter of your last name attached his whole life because there are four other children with the same name in his class... Michael M., Michael J., Michael C. I hate that my Ninja's name rose to #42 on the popular list ...And don't even get me started on Jr.'s...

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