Friday, December 22, 2006

Imagine This...

...Right before the 9/11 Commission is about to commence, Condoleezza Rice goes and pulls classified documents. She sneaks them out in her socks and underpants. She stashes them under a construction trailer, then retrieves them and tries to light them on fire. She is unaware that people are watching her every move. When she is caught she tells the 9/11 Commission and the American people that they were only "copies" and she didn't really destroy any...they're all there. And the left takes her at her word?

I know I've written this about a 1,000 other things, but I can't even begin to fathom the outrage and the marching on Washington if Condi had done even ONE of these things let alone ALL of them. Valerie Plame and Foley put together don't come near the magnitude of the crime committed by Clinton's National Security Advisor Sandy Burger.

"...Mr. Berger executed the cloak-and-dagger maneuver in October 2003 while taking a break from reviewing Clinton-era documents in connection with the work of the so-called September 11 commission.

" Mr. Berger exited the archive onto Pennsylvania Avenue," the report says, recounting the story the former national security chief told investigators. "He did not want to run the risk of bringing the documents back in the building. … He headed toward a construction area on 9th Street. Mr. Berger looked up and down the street, up into the windows of the archives and the DOJ, and did not see anyone. He removed the documents from his pockets, folded the notes in a ‘V' shape, and inserted the documents in the center. He walked inside the construction fence and slid the documents under a trailer."

According to the report, Mr. Berger said he retrieved the documents after leaving the archives complex for the evening and took the papers to his office. It is not clear how long the documents were unattended at the construction site, but the report suggests it was a few hours, at most.

The former national security chief said he cut three documents up in his office and discarded them in the trash. Mr. Berger returned two other documents after archivists notified him that some records were missing, but his efforts to retrieve the others from the trash collector were unsuccessful..." (source)

...And it was a only misdemeanor charge? We will never know if documents were destroyed --and the obvious question this event begs is 'what was so hurtful to the Clinton administration that Berger would risk this stunt rather than have the 9/11 commission and the American people know about it...?

I wanted to see what they were saying about this over at the Democratic Underground...the answer: Nothing. It seems they are all-consumed with spitting hate and finding replacements for Virgil Goode. National security documents stolen and cut up and all they can talk about is one of millions of people that think we should limit Muslim immigration? Then I checked on the Kos post there? Also Virgil Goode. Can ONE liberal come forward and admit that if this had been a Bush Cabinet member the world would be turned upside-down right now...?

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