Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Health Care & Kidnappings...

As I watched the story of the kidnapped at knife point one-month-old, I couldn't help but feel this is a burgeoning dilemma in this country. Kidnapped newborns and attempted kidnapping of fetuses appearing in the news with alarming regularity. Why?

Then something struck me... I recently read through the "terms of coverage" for our new health insurance and NO form of infertility treatment is covered. In PA moderate infertility measures used to be included in many plans and in some cases even invetro, but that seems to have changed. Consultations with reproductive endocrinologists and subsequent fertility treatments can cost a mint and, for whatever reason, PCOS and other fertility-related disorders seem to be on the rise.

I am not IN ANY WAY justifying the actions of someone that would steal a newborn, but I can't help but wonder if the rise in this genre of crime is related to the ticking biological clocks of infertile women with no financial recourse and health insurance that refuses to consider infertility a medical priority...But hey, now Viagra, that's a priority.

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