Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Good Kissers Apply...

So, I knew The Man had "made-out" with someone after we got together (before we were married, mind you, but while we were dating and basically as soon as I went back to England). For some reason I had forgotten this happened and something reminded me of it yesterday, so I was teasing and informed him it was only fair that I be entitled to a retaliatory make-out.

But here's the thing...As a stay-at-home mom most of the men I encounter are either under 10 or related to me (aside from my Sensei’s and the Stepford Elementary janitor...but that wouldn't be smart...). If actually given a "free pass" after 10 years of being with one person, how would you go about picking the candidates?

I decided that applications would be the best route. I will solicit 2 paragraphs or less to tell me why YOU should be the "the one" to help me save face... The Man should suffer for a bit and wonder what I will do... It's only fair right -an eye for an eye...Truth, Justice and the American way... Carpe diem...


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