Monday, December 18, 2006

Full Scale of GITMO Torture Exposed!!!

Those at GITMO are showered with feces, seminal excretions, spit, blood and urine on a near daily basis. They have no recourse against vicious attacks on their person. They have been called horrible names and racial slurs. They are victims of ambushes. They are in danger every day.

...And those are the American guards. The Captors if you will. We had this information coming from Club GITMO in the past, but now we have the actual numbers from the incident reports.

On the other hand inmates have had dietary requests met and exceeded. They have a huge Arabic library. Harry Potter was demanded in Arabic and the request was fulfilled.

"...During the 12-month period that ended in August 2006, authorities reported 3,232 incidents of detainee misconduct. They included 432 assaults with bodily fluids, 227 physical assaults and 99 efforts to incite a disturbance or riot.

"This is serious stuff," Adm. Harris said. "And yet the guard force and the intelligence people maintain a remarkable degree of restraint and equilibrium. The young Americans that work here are doing a spectacular job in a dangerous place."

Officials said most guards are not allowed to handle Korans or other religious and cultural items for the inmates. The Korans, prayer beads and Islamic rugs are stored in a 300-foot long building similar to a small aircraft hangar.

Al Qaeda inmates have been taught to lie about Camp Delta and claim torture. Officials cited a terrorist training manual known as the Manchester Document and seized by British authorities in 2000. The manual directs al Qaeda operatives to make false claims of torture and mistreatment. More than 340 people have been released from Camp Delta.

“They're out there walking around spewing forth all manner of lies and evil things and distortions, but the fact is that they're released," Adm. Harris said." (source)

Once again we have a case of the left'o'sphere and the MSM readily believing the Terrorists over our troops...

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