Sunday, December 10, 2006

Etymology of a Fruitcake

Inevitably, this time of year someone I have known forever finally realizes that I quite enjoy fruitcake (as does my whole family aside from The Man and AB) and proceed to mock me throughout the entire month of December... It's not that I try to hide my love of the hefty's just not something that readily presents itself in most conversations.

Now, I'm not talking about the cheap fruitcake that has those nasty waxy green things that are shaped like cherries--good fruitcakes with pineapple and pecans that are usually shipped from Texas (though I will eat the cheap ones in a pinch).

I have to say, I did come across some interesting pictures while searching "fruitcake" on Google... So there's the good fruitcake, the cheap fruitcake and apparently a different kind of fruitcake altogether:

...And it seems I'm not alone. Other brave souls coming out today:
jk at Three Sources
AFSister at My Side of the Puddle
Irish Diablo at Violent Daydreams
Viva la Fruitcake!

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