Friday, December 08, 2006

Christians Riot and Burn Mosques in Retaliation...

...oh that's right, they didn't do that. That was Muslims over a cartoon and panties on the heads of terrorists.

But, at an Islamic college in Australian a group of Muslim boys took a Bible -spit on it, burned the pages and then for the grand finale...urinated on it. No international outrage? No burning of Imams in effigy? Jerry Falwell isn't calling for Allah to apologize on behalf of Muslims everywhere?

"...When asked why the boys chose to desecrate the Bible, Ibrahim shrugged his shoulders and said he did not know.

But his father, Omar, was angry at the school, which he said had failed to properly supervise the boys on a rural school camp last week where the incident occurred.

In disgust, he has withdrawn all of his five children who attend the college and says they will no longer go to an Islamic school.

"I do blame the school because they should have looked after them better and supervised them more - they let those boys run amok," he said.

"My children are my responsibility when they are at home with us, but once they get on a school bus they are the school's responsibility." Omar said news of his son's involvement in the desecration had devastated the family.

"It was the last thing I expected in my life with my own children," he said, throwing his hands in the air." (source)

It's a shame it's only 2° out, I feel I should wave a flip-flop in the air in anger or something... ;)

(Illustrating further "tolerance", the man that created the Qur'an toilet paper (pictured) in Germany was arrested and convicted for "insulting the Islamic holy book")

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