Friday, December 08, 2006

CAIR Lawsuits Pave the Way for the Next 9/11

Remember the six Muslim men that were pulled from a US Airways flight for "suspicious behavior" a while back? The six men that are now legally represented by CAIR --a Muslim civil rights group that is looking to spin this incident as "religious discrimination".

They can spin it all they want, but the entire police report is now online, replete with signed witness affidavits --and I can tell you, if I were on that plane and they hadn't been removed...I would have!

The men were together in the airport (praying, talking, looking at paperwork), before boarding the plane they were heard "cursing US involvement in the overthrow of Saddam", they shredded the papers they were looking through and supposed of them. Upon boarding they had seats in pairs at the front, middle and back of the plane (though they were traveling together). They all asked for "seatbelt extensions" though flight attendants say none were overweight. A few had one-way flights and a few no checked luggage.

So calling out to Allah loudly and pretty much re-enacting the events of 9/11 and people aren't supposed to say anything for fear of offending someone? It's a plan. There will be so many frivolous lawsuits brought in the name of civil/religious rights that no one will have the nerve to complain regardless of how ominous the behavior...perfectly paving the way for the next 9/11...

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