Friday, December 01, 2006

Bloggers Create Real Democracy

"Many bloggers see the Internet as the first true democratic platform, one that enables every individual to exert far more influence than by simply checking a box on an election ballot. All it takes is a computer for any thought, from mundane musings to critical ideas, to be replicated and to garner support, all at little or no cost to the bloggers. Bloggers are able to react with lightning speed to events as they unfold..." (source)

..This may be an innocuous undertaking here in The States, but not so much in places like Iran, Egypt and China.

One secular blogger (the nephew of the former President Anwar al-Sadat) in Cairo has been expelled from his University and jailed by followers of the religion of peace:

"He could remain behind bars for years, given the lengthy and serious list of accusations he faces. Amnesty International claims that Kareem has been charged with an "array of offenses" that include "spreading information disruptive of public order, incitement to hate Muslims and defaming the president of the republic (Hosni Mubarak)." All in all, his is a textbook case of treason on the Internet -- at least in Egypt."

Fellow Bloggers have created a petition for his release.

"While the Egyptian authorities have only 3,000 critical bloggers to contend with, the roughly 70,000 blogs appearing in Iran in the national language, Farsi, as well as English, represent a far greater potential for subversion." (source)

...And why are called jingoistic (with a negative connotation) when we declare America "the best country in the world"? Can you imagine being jailed indefinitely for your blog rantings?

I truly believe this boy's fate is in the hands of the blogosphere. If he's forgotten he'll remain in jail --his only hope is that enough of an outcry embarrassed the Egyptian government into action.

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