Monday, December 18, 2006

Another Theory on Baby Theft...

A week or so ago I posted wondering if the declining availability of infertility funding was fueling the recent rash of attempted fetus and newborn theft here in the States...

But the theory in the Ukraine is entirely different:

"...Several reports in British papers last week told the story of a video showing a post-mortem examination of infants of Ukrainian mothers who believe their babies were stolen from them at birth.

The video was given to reporters by a charity worker representing 300 families who believe their healthy babies were falsely declared dead by staff at a maternity hospital in the Ukraine's most easterly city of Kharkiv.

Due to pressure from families, authorities agreed in 2003 to exhume the babies' bodies for examination. A senior British forensic pathologist who has viewed the video says that what he's seen does not look like standard post-mortem practice, the BBC reported.

The video shows severed limbs and torsos with organs, including brains, stripped away.

The thorough dismemberment of the bodies has led some to believe that, if the grisly evidence points to the babies having been murdered, the hospital may be supplying harvested stem cells from bone marrow to an underground market..." (Read the entire story), (Also at the Beeb)

This scenario has long been a central argument for the no-embryonic-stem-cells camp. Similar to fears of "Organ Donors" (will they do less to save you if someone 'more important' in the hospital could use your bits?), imagine Bill Gates needs stem cells and can offer many doctors would comply?

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