Friday, December 01, 2006

Al Franken Speaks From His Bubble

There is an HBO documentary called "Left of the Dial" that is about the start up of 'Air America'. It is so worth watching for the last bit when President Bush wins the election in 2004 and the camera is live on Franken and Garofalo. The crestfallen looks and glistening eyes are the payoff for sitting through the mind-numbing film. They all lament how they were sure Kerry would win --that they thought the country was progressive and can't believe that it's obviously a lot more conservative than they ever imagined. That's what happens when you exist in a bubble of group think...

It seems that Al Franken needs to re-visit that film -and those feelings. He believes that the Democratic win --the win that happened by running Dems that were more conservative than the Republicans --means that America is suddenly "liberal" (I guess he didn't look at the results of the marriage amendments):

"DOBBS: It's amazing, the aversion, and sort of the fondness, the apparent new fondness for progressive rather than liberal.

FRANKEN: Right. I like to use liberal. We use liberal on the show. I think economic progressive speaks to a specific thing, whereas -- no, I'm a liberal. And I think America -- I think basically Americans are liberal. And the president, I think, saw that after a 60 day tour, a 60 city tour for -- to privatize Social Security.

DOBBS: Right.

FRANKEN: I think he saw that Americans are liberal." (CNN: Lou Dobbs transcript)

But scarier that that, he founded a PAC that funded many of the candidates (MIDWEST VALUES PAC) and stranger than that...

" DOBBS: Let's talk about another oath. The Senate...


DOBBS: Minnesota, are you going to run?

FRANKEN: I don't know. Actually, we're deciding, I think, this weekend, the family, my family.

DOBBS: OK, I'll give you the number, and I want you to let me know immediately.

FRANKEN: I think if I tell someone, it might be somebody in Minnesota.

DOBBS: You've got it.

All right. Well, we wish you a lot of luck. Look forward to your decision.

FRANKEN: Thank you."

Senator Franken...good grief.

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