Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Yankee Candles...

I love candles. I buy lots of candles. I used to buy a lot of Yankee candles, but lately I can only buy their "MacIntosh Apple".

I am convinced they have started a drug addict outreach program without the public's knowledge and are solely hiring crack and meth heads...maybe some heroin addicts too. What other explanation could there be for every new scented Yankee candle I smell making want to hurl? They are $23... $23 for a jar of wax, so it better smell damn good.

To be fair, amongst the over 20 putrid candles I smelled the other day, I did find one that was absolutely wonderful -Holiday Bayberry. It smells like the holidays. A gem amongst the floral spew.

I may have to ignore the anosmiacs currently employed at Yankee and get this candle for the boys' teachers...

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