Thursday, November 09, 2006

"World Sees Dems' Win as a Bush Rejection"

That's an AP headline...not mine.

Now I know some on the left got a bit ruffled when I posted about top terror leaders asking Allah for the Democrats to win, but how else can this MSM story be interpreted but as the pussification of America on the Muslim Street? It's not just the Republicans thinking that Dems in charge will now pull out of Iraq --Iraqis and Arab countries share the sentiment...

"...Outside observers saw the bloodshed in Iraq as the major driving force behind the Democrats' success.

"Voters have punished the Republicans. They are not happy with the way the leadership has handled the Iraq war," said Chandra Muzaffar, president of the Malaysia-based think-tank International Movement for a Just World.

Bush's foreign critics cheered in Vietnam, and in Muslim-dominated countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia.

"The Republicans lost in the election because the American voters are now fed up and bored with the war," said Vitaya Wisetrat, a prominent, anti-American Muslim cleric in Thailand. "The American people now realize that Bush is the big liar."

Echoing the sentiment of many in Muslim countries, Indonesian lawmaker Ahmad Sumargono hoped that the results would prompt a reassessment of American policies in Iraq and elsewhere.

"I am optimistic that American people have now realized the mistakes made by Bush in foreign policy. We hope this leads to significant changes, especially toward the Middle East," he said..." (source)

"Americans are bored with the war"..."bored". This is how we are perceived. An MTV country that wants their victories bloodless and before the next commercial...

The rise of terror as it is seen today took root when Jimmy Carter exposed his pliable backbone to the world. I can only pray that the newly-elected conservative Dems reject more liberal policies that would be detrimental to all Americans...

(The terrorists will be happy to hear that the ACLU is calling for "war crimes" charges for Rummy.)

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