Monday, November 27, 2006

Two Terrible Stories...

1) Imagine you're just 20 years old, you've been Iraq for three days and get a call to return stateside because your wife suffered childbirth complications and you must make the decision to remove her from life-support...leaving you with a 15 month old and a newborn.

That's what happened to Lance Cpl. Robert Quiroz. Three months later that newborn was dead and the Marine charged with "assault on a child causing death and corporal injury to a child". (source)

I am not in any way trying to justify the murder of a newborn...I am just wondering what went wrong. I was under the impression that military bases were strong on support systems for troops. Anyone that heard this story would have to know how hard this Lance Cpl. was going to have it...instantly becoming a single parent and simultaneously grieving the death of his wife. Where were his parents? Her parents? This is just so tragic...

2)Stop the ACLU is highlighting a story that just makes me sick:

"A Democrat community leader who would “offer a homily during worship services” and facilitated his congregation’s “opening our doors to all people regardless of sexual orientation” has been given a slap on the hand after pleading guilty to extensive child pornography offenses involving children as young as six.

However, instead of the 967 months in jail – nearly 81 years – for which he was liable, Judge Robert Lewis, another Democrat, gave him, in a plea bargain with the office of District Attorney Ron Moore, who was elected as a Democrat, a 10-12 month sentence.

And even that seemed regrettable, according to a number of letters of recommendation offered by other Democrat leaders of the community to the court on his behalf." (source)

As Jay pointed out...I could care less what his political affiliation is (as ironic as it may be after the whole Foley thing)...I just DON'T GET how someone can ruin children's lives and get 10 MONTHS in jail...?! Pedophiles should be labeled domestic terrorists and treated as such.

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