Thursday, November 09, 2006

SCOTUS Hearing Partial Birth Abortion Arguments...

THIS is what I was talking about you "disgruntled Republicans". The only chance this horrific practice has of remaining banned is Alito and Roberts...installed by President Bush.

Regardless of how you feel about first trimester abortion, I can't believe there is anyone on this earth that could stand in front of judges and argue for the "right" to do this (Gonzales v. Carhart)...and even more insane than that is that there are doctors who are willing to do it (forget about that little oath right...?!)

Justice Kennedy (appointed by Reagan) is being cast as the "swing vote" for upholding the ban on barbarism, but in the 2000 case Stenberg v. Carhart when a partial birth abortion ban in Nebraska was struck down by the Supreme Court...Kennedy passionately dissented:

"Kennedy claimed this type of law was allowed by their ruling in Planned Parenthood v. Casey, which allowed laws to preserve prenatal life to a certain extent. He called Sandra Day O'Connor's behavior a "betrayal."

I have to credit one MSM article for ever-so-briefly explaining what partial birth abortion is (that's more than I can say for CNN who calls it "A form of late-term abortion):

"It involves partially extracting a fetus from the uterus, then cutting or crushing its skull." (source) (For an actual, factual accounting of the "procedure" --go here)

It was my undertstanding a "woman's right" ended when the baby could live outside the womb... Justice Anthony McLeod Kennedy...remember who granted you these 18 years of unelected employment and do the right thing!

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