Thursday, November 30, 2006

San Diego Bans Wal-Mart

...actually they voted 5-3 to ban all superstores (so I guess that includes BJ's, Sam’s and Target too).

"The council voted 5-3 to ban the building of retail establishments within city limits that are larger than 90,000 square feet and generate more than 10 percent of revenue from non-taxable goods, like groceries.

Touting the importance of consumer choice, Councilmen Kevin Faulconer, Brian Maienschein and Jim Madaffer cast the dissenting votes.
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"I do not think it is the role of the City Council to dictate where families buy their groceries," Faulconer said." (source)

The Mayor says he'll veto the ban and the council would need all five votes to overturn the Mayoral veto.

I have to tell all the anti-Walmarties out there --your antics have given Wal-Mart my business. I had never been in a Wal-Mart until all this hoopla started and all the anti-Wal-Mart websites started cropping up. And, as I previously posted, I decided to go when I realized it all really boiled down to unions being mad they were being excluded from this money machine.

So I have to thank all you End-Wal-Mart's evil reign advocates for an experience and savings I was missing out on. Just the other day I got Children's nighttime Cough and Cold Triaminic for $4.84 (I pay over $8 at the grocery store and drug store) --and for the new Hamilton Beech Brew Station that is $90 elsewhere and we got for under $50! Thanks, you've made a Wal-Mart convert out of me! ;)

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