Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Same-Sex School Proposals

"For the first time in a generation, public schools have won broad freedom to teach boys and girls separately, stirring a new debate about equality in the classroom.

The Education Department on Tuesday announced rules that will make it easier to create single-sex classes or schools, a plan that's been expected for almost three years. The move comes as the value of same-sex education is in doubt. Research shows mixed results, as even the department's own review says.

Yet Education Secretary Margaret Spellings said more parents deserve to have the option. The push began not with the White House, but rather with female senators of both parties.

"Research shows that some students may learn better in single-sex education environments," Spellings said, careful not to offer an outright endorsement. "The Department of Education is committed to giving communities more choices in how they go about offering varied learning environments," she said.

The new federal rules may change how schools will look in the future..." (source)

Should Public Schools Separate Sexes?
Maybe for some classes.
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Personally, I would never choose this option for my boys...for three reasons.
1) We don't go through life separated and school is the foundation for the 'real world'. Learn to overcome 'distractions' before you enter college and the workplace.
2) Growing up in a heavily Catholic area exposed me to many boys that attended all-boy Catholic High Schools --they were still pulling the hair of girls they liked at 19.
3) It was the lure of seeing some boy I liked that got me to school through most of my high school days.

This seems like one of those "school uniforms" issues...parents would've balked over wearing them, but want them for their kids because it's easier/cheaper for they tell themselves it's a better option. I can't think of anything that would have turned me off to school more than being in classes with 30 catty girls...

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