Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Rangel's Latest Gaffe

Charlie Rangel was on Neil Cavuto's show yesterday answering questions about his phoenix draft proposal... He said his justification for wanting a draft was:

[The military shouldn't be recruiting only where there is little or no alternatives]

He can't even claim "botched joke" because he's made comments like this before. Personally, I think he's watched Fahrenheit 9/11 one too many times...

How is this any different than Kerry saying [if you don't have ambition and study, you'll get stuck in Iraq]? Rangel is implying our military is comprised of dolts that had no other employment option than to sign the dotted line?

Wasn't the whole argument in the '70's that "the rich" got out of the draft anyway? So how would that solve the "volunteer army of the poor and the black and the brown" (What John Kerry called it in 1972)?

About this time last year, before the John Kerry debacle and before it was journalism chic, I posted about the Brains and Breeding of the U.S. Military. I should email the post to the they seem to be the last to know.

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