Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Philly's Mayor's Brother Could Get 90 Years

Milton Street, a prominent member of Philadelphia's "Pay-to-Play" corruption ring and brother of the infamous Philly mayor, has been indicted for fraud... This comes as no shock. Last I heard he was being paid 300,000 a year for some meaningless job of nepotism... and he doesn't even live in Philly, or Pennsylvania for that matter --he's a Jersey boy. Based on the charges he could get up to 90 years in jail and fines exceeding 1.2 million dollars.

"The older brother of Mayor John F. Street used his last name to obtain lucrative "no-work" city contracts and failed to pay taxes on more than $2 million in income, federal authorities charged Tuesday.

Soon after Street took office in 2000, T. Milton Street Sr. began hiring himself out as a high-priced consultant to companies that thought he could help them get city contracts, the indictment charged. One firm paid Milton Street, who is a longtime hot dog vendor, a $30,000-a-month consulting fee, authorities said..." (source)

"Milton Street wanted the IRS to believe he was a humble street vendor selling hot dogs and soda. What he didn't tell them was that he was making millions on nothing more than his last name." (source)

Anyway, I searched all over online to find what (if any) qualifications this man has. Did he go to college? If so, did he default on his student loans like his brother? Has he ever had a real job that he got all on his own? I can't find anything about him. The PAWiki page says -and I quote "Philadelphia Mayor John Street's brother". Maybe that's it...older brother overshadowed by younger brother complex.

Philly's next mayoral race should be a hoot -- regardless of all the crime (370+ homicides and counting), all the corruption and the general disarray of a city under Democrat rule for 30+ years, and it will all come down to one thing...race.

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