Tuesday, November 28, 2006

New Poll Gives John Kerry Some Tough Love...

In a new poll of how Americans "like" current political figures...John Kerry came in dead last out of 20 contenders. Many of the Dems I'm friends with were overjoyed over the "botched joke debacle" because to them it sealed the deal that he wouldn't run again. He's still exploring his options...so I guess it didn't seal that deal in his mind.

..."This is bad bad news for Kerry," said Peter Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute in Hamden, Connecticut, which conducted the survey.

"Americans know who he is, and have pretty much decided they don't like him," said Brown. He noted the poll found that 95 percent of respondents said they had heard enough about Kerry, who lost the 2004 White House race to
President Bush, to rate the Massachusetts Democrat..." (source)

Taking the Gold, Silver and Bronze were:
1) Rudy Giuliani
2) Barack Obama (though 41 percent said they had not heard enough about the first-term senator to offer an opinion)
3) John McCain

4) Condoleezza Rice
5) Bill Clinton
6) Joe Lieberman
7) Michael Bloomberg
8) John Edwards
9) Hillary Clinton
10) Bill Richardson (Two in three respondents said they did not know enough about him to form an opinion.)
11) Joe Biden
12) Nancy Pelosi
13) Mitt Romney
14) Al Gore
15) President Bush
16) Evan Bayh
17) Newt Gingrich
18) Bill Frist
19) Harry Reid
20) John Kerry

I'm sure Hillary wasn't happy to see she was 9th with 4 Dems above her... There is a new book out about her that won't help her cause --as it will give conservatives a treasure-trove of her own words to slam her with should she be the nominee:

I've Always Been a Yankees Fan: Hillary Clinton in Her Own Words

"From claiming to be named after a famed mountaineer (Sir Edmund Hillary actually scaled Mt. Everest years after she was born), to bragging about being a lifelong Yankees fan (although she grew up in Chicago rooting for the Cubs), Hillary shows that there’s no tall tale that she won’t tell.

Whether it’s yelling at her Secret Service guards, grumbling about photo ops with young children, or arguing that taxpayers should buy her a pool, Hillary is never short on ambition -- and sometimes salty enough to make a sailor blush!

This is the order *my* list of “Likeability” would be in:
1) Joe Lieberman 2) Rudy Giuliani 3) President Bush 4) Newt Gingrich 5) Barack Obama 6) John McCain 7) Bill Richardson 8) Mitt Romney 9) Condoleezza Rice …that’s it, none of the others are very likeable to me at all…

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