Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Muslim Dissident Silenced at Brown University

UPDATE: Nonie Darwish is LIVE on 96.9 FM Talk (Boston) -Go There and Listen Listen Live! -8:12 pm EST, Michael Graham's show. It seems Brown Uni has "re-invited" her to speak...

"Muslims are often accused of not speaking out sufficiently against terrorism. Nonie Darwish knows one reason why: Their fellow Muslims won't let them.

Darwish, who comes from Egypt and was born and raised a Muslim, was set to tell students at Brown University about the twisted hatred and radicalism she grew to despise in her own culture. A campus Jewish group, Hillel, had contacted her to speak there Thursday.

But the event was just called off.

Muslim students had complained that Darwish was "too controversial." They insisted she be denied a platform at Brown, and after contentious debate Hillel agreed.

Weird: No one had said boo about such Brown events as a patently anti-Israel "Palestinian Solidarity Week." But Hillel said her "offensive" statements about Islam "alarmed" the Muslim Student Association, and Hillel didn't want to upset its "beautiful relationship" with the Muslim community.*

Plus, Brown's women's center backed out of co-sponsoring the event, even though it shares Darwish's concerns about the treatment of women. Reportedly, part of the problem was that Darwish had no plans to condemn Israel for shooting Arab women used by terrorists as human shields, or for insufficiently protecting Israeli Arab wives from their husbands.

In plugging their ears to Darwish, Brown's Muslim students proved her very point: Muslims who attempt constructive self-criticism are quickly and soundly squelched - by other Muslims." (Read the Entire Article) (*my emphasis)

Nonie Darwish is the founder of "Arabs for Israel". Lest you think she is a “poseur Muslim”...She is the Egyptian born daughter of the former commander of the Egyptian Army Intelligence in Gaza, and founder of the Fedayeen who eventually became a "martyr" for the cause. Her mission is to promote a "peaceful and diverse Middle East" and to prompt "constructive self-criticism and reform" in the Islamic world.

...But I guess the free-speech-unless-we-don’t-agree-with-you crowd at Brown will never know that.

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