Friday, November 17, 2006

John Edwards Wants PS3

As some of you know, I'm a little bit of a gaming geek but as the country has been anticipating (and camping out) for the new Play Station 3... I could care less. Also out this week (Sunday) is Nintendo's Wii with the long awaited newest installment of the Legend of Zelda game (Twilight Princess)...and that is what I must have. Don't be surprised if there are no posts for a few days when I get it --when the last Zelda game came out (Windwaker), I would have 70+ messages on my answering machine at the end of the day "Put down the controller and answer the phone!" LOL

Anyway, the PS3 thing is way out of hand --worse than housewives beating each other up for a $30 Cabbage Patch Kid...there were people shot in line this morning, people robbed, fights over butting in line and I just read there are some up on eBay for $9,000!!!

Former Senator (and Vice Presidential loser) John Edwards wanted to avoid all this unpleasantness, but wanted that aid of his called Wal-Mart to see if some good old fashioned name-dropping could secure Edwards a game. Now, the problem with that is Edwards has lent both voice and money to an anti-Wal-Mart site (Wake Up Wal-Mart) and has whined about Wal-Mart's (commendable) refusal to Unionize. Wal-Mart told Edward's guy to take a PS3 for him! Loving that...and I think I'll go buy something at Wal-Mart this weekend...

So you guys have fun with your PlayStations (or in Edward's case not so much)...I'll be off somewhere gathering pieces of tri-force and defeating Gannon.

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