Thursday, November 02, 2006

It's Settled Now Right? Media Bias Is Not a Myth...

...nor is it some paranoid delusion of the right-wingers. For years those of us on the right have been dumbfounded by denials of this blatant disparity, but many on the left said it wasn't there --and sounded like they really believed that.

Take this recent entry over at the Democratic Underground:

"Now I am pissed off- how long has CNN had Kerry as top story now on their web many hours? He ain't running for anything- he did his thing and shaddup, what's CNN's problem? it's friggin mid term election going on here.

Do we we know now why dems are quiet? Do we know now they are called 'spineless'- it's a blanket fear of this enormous prejudice shown by the media.

100 republicans can screw up and nothing- one dem gaffe the media runs around like all dems suck. For what microscopic credibility they may have left. It's another nail in their coffin.

Friggin' ridiculous."

This guy and the all the DU drones actually believe this?

By now I am sure you all heard about the new study that completely validates what the vast right-wing conspiracy has been claiming for years. There is more than a left-leaning bias in the MSM... The study by the Center for Media and Public Affairs illustrates the bias:

77% of the coverage about Democrats was positive (3 out of 4 stories)
12% of the Republican coverage was positive (1 out of 8 stories)

The coverage for Mid-term elections in the MSM boils down to this:
77% of the coverage has been positive for Democrats
88% negative for Republicans

Even on CNN one of the reporters slipped up while talking to Paula Zahn and said she "hoped" the Kerry stuff would blow over in a day... and The Washington Times described the study by saying, "Democrats basked in glory."

The left should have no problem understanding that even if Fox News went completely still wouldn't even out that huge gap in the network bias.

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