Monday, November 13, 2006

I'm Not A Wedding Person...

It's not that I'm all bah-humbug about marriage... Well, there may be an element of "I have to spend $50 on a shower gift, $100+ on an outfit and give $100+ and they'll probably be divorced in under 5 years"...but this weekend at my sister's best friend's wedding I realized what it really is: Hours of small talk makes me cranky.

There are people JustRose and I call "babyshower people" --people that thrive at various events like showers and weddings and will jovially small talk the ear off anyone that should happen near them.

Now, I realize mindless chatter is a necessary evil and not all conversations can be deep and meaningful, but all the forced niceties and talking to people that you wouldn't give the time of day in any other situation irks me.

Now that I've figured out what bothers me about weddings and showers, I guess the next step is figuring out why. I am a very social person with a "the more the merrier" outlook on the disdain for these gatherings remains a mystery.

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