Wednesday, November 01, 2006

"...I See Your True Colors Shining Through..."

...your true colors and that's why I didn't vote for you... Sorry, after I heard the clip of Kerry yesterday I couldn't get that Cindy Lauper song out of my head...

So, a "botched joke about the President"? Let's see... if you don't study and you're dumb you'll end up--as the Leader of the Free World? No, that doesn't make sense does it. But wait, how could it be about Bush when we found out after the '04 election that Bush's grades at Yale were higher than Kerry's?

I hate when petty things get blown out of proportion before and election --but this isn't one of those things. This is "Academia's" true feelings about the men and women of our Armed Forces. Never mind the fact that the American military has a higher high school graduation rate than the civilian population... Kerry had no problem slandering the troops upon his return from Vietnam. He had no problem slandering our current forces by claiming they were "harassing women and children" in Iraq, and it's no stretch to find that he finds them sub-par in the intelligence department now...

I wonder how troops that voted for him are feeling now... I hate when I stick up for someone only to have them stab me in the back. Then again, anyone in the military that voted for him knowing what he did to his brother's in arms all those years ago probably does have some issues with critical thinking...

UPDATE: I haven't heard any of the GOP talking heads rebut the "it was just a joke" claim by the Dem talking heads by reminding them of the 2004 National Correspondence Dinner. Bush was heartily chastised by the media and the left'o'sphere for making a joke about searching for WMD...

"...Democrats have seized on the matter, calling it astonishingly insensitive when Americans have died for their country in Iraq while the search for WMD has turned up nothing.

"There are lines you cannot cross," Katz said. "With regard to going to war, sending American troops to war to find weapons of mass destruction, that's a joke that's playing out on the world stage -- and is at our expense."

A non-scientific poll by showed 54 percent of the more than 200,000 respondents felt Bush crossed the line. A majority of CNN viewers who have responded by e-mail also said they were offended." (source)

So, even if this was "a joke"...why isn't the left posting tirades about how Kerry shouldn't be joking about Iraq when Americans are dying...?

Update II: If anyone has the picture of the troops holding the sign "Halp John Carry We're Stuk in Irak!" PLEASE send it to me!!!
(Thank you to everyone that sent the picture to me! You guys rule)

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