Thursday, November 16, 2006

How OJ Would Have Killed Nicole...

I know you've all read/heard about this by now, but I just had to say...WTF?

I was listening to a local talk show host last night and there were actually people (both white and black) calling in to defend OJ...people that actually think he's innocent! Now I know people that were glad he got off -people that said things like [Enough innocent black men are in prison, if one guilty one gets off it's still not even]--or [It's payback to White America for Rodney King] and other shite like that... But those people still knew he was guilty as sin.

Now he's hawking a book.

Here's a legal question... Since the Civil Court did find him guilty (even though the Criminal Court didn't) wouldn't this book fall under the "profiting from a crime" description? Not only did Nicole and Ron's families have to deal with their horrific deaths, but now they have to watch Simpson on a book tour touting a "hypothetical" murder scenario..?

I always think of their kids --being raised by the man that killed thier mother. Now this.

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