Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Homeschooler Dissed at the Dance...

I read this story twice trying in vain to think of any justification for actions taken by a principal against this homeschooled high school student...

"...Steven Goforth says he spent $140 in clothes and tickets to the homecoming dance. His friend, Samantha Kelley, a freshman at Citrus High School, had invited him to come along.

The dance, held in the school's cafeteria on Oct. 13, was supposed to be a semiformal event. The theme was "Disco Like a Hurricane."

Steven bought new boots and a pair of blue jeans. He couldn't make up his mind on a dress shirt so he bought two. He filled the gas tank on his Buick. Everything was set and ready to go.

But the night before the dance, Samantha's mom, Theresa, got a call from the school.

Her daughter was not allowed to take Steven to the dance because he was not a student at Citrus High. Steven, who is 16, is homeschooled." (source)

Now, before you buy into the hype that this kid was turned away because "he wasn't a student"...don't. The girl ended up taking her cousin -also not a student -who was admitted no questions asked. Many other students has dates that didn't attend the school.

The homeschooled kid's father even went above and beyond and sent paperwork documenting the fact that he had no criminal record in case that was the worry of the Principal. This is really odd (not to mention quite shady). Those parents pay school taxes too... What could be the principal's bias against Homeschoolers...? He gets the money without the kid.

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