Friday, November 10, 2006

Guest Post by DeputyDoc

DeputyDoc wrote this guest post at my behest after an exchange he had with the "Asylum Street Spankers" (prompted by the Liberal "Humor" post of their YouTube "Yellow Ribbon" video that mocks Americans that "spend $1.93 on a yellow ribbon magnet for their SUV"):

Supporting the Troops

"This post made me wonder what "support" the Asylum Street Spankers (ASSes) offered the troops. I like such groups as Operation Hero Miles where you can donate frequent flier miles, Project Valour IT who is providing voice-activated laptops for injured troops, Wounded Warriors who helps wounded troops, Spirit of America who sends materials to the troops to use for the benefit of the Iraqis. Our donations to Spirit of America provides things like Frisbees and soccer balls that the troops use to break the ice and decrease fear among the Iraqi children.

So, seeing as the ASSes were so supportive and like minded, I wrote to find out what their favorite charities were:

"Boy, I really enjoyed your yellow ribbon video I saw on YouTube. I originally heard of the Asylum Street Spankers on the Bob and Tom show. You have great harmony and a great sense of humor.

I also appreciate your social consciousness. I agree that spending "$1.93" on a ribbon is no way to support the troops. I have a friend who argued that she did not support George Bush or the War on Terror, but did support the troops. I asked her what she meant, what she had done to support the troops. She had no reply.

I, too, support the troops. I would like to do more than spend a paltry sum on a magnetic ribbon. Can you please send me a list of the charities to which your group has sent donations to support the troop so that I may join you?"

I received two replies, the first from JP Riedle and the second from Carl Hanni. Both indicated that the ASSes were donating a portion of the money from downloads of the SUV video to Iraq Veterans Against the War.

The website for this group states it was founded by Iraq war veterans in July 2004 at the annual convention of Veterans for Peace "to give a voice to the large number of active duty service people and veterans who are against this war, but are under various pressures to remain silent." They call for immediate withdrawal from Iraq, but don't indicate any understanding about the consequences of such an action. They don't seem to understand that this would cause the death of many more Americans (and Iraqis) by encouraging the terrorists. The website indicates support for deserters and their partners include Gold Star Families for Peace (Cindy Sheehan).

Thanks for the suggestion ASSes, but I think I will donate where the money will actually be used to support the troops."

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