Friday, November 10, 2006

The Fundamental Divide...Welfare & Childcare

The Man was away so I was able to watch a bit of 'Real Time' the other day (the mood Bill Maher puts him in makes the show completely un-enjoyable to watch when he's around)...

The guests were Alec Baldwin, Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA), and reporter AB Stoddard (who didn't say anything).

At one point in the show Bill asked Rep. Kingston about a new federally funded abstinence program for 19-29 year olds. He went on to say how ridiculous it was. Kingston remarked that in 2004 alone there were almost 1 million babies born out-of-wedlock to girls in that age bracket. Bill went on his predictable tirade against marriage and government involvement in his life --implying that all million of these babies were planned by Goldie Hawn/Kurt Russell type families that just choose not to be married.

As Representative Kingston searched for a rebuttal, I was thinking "I could care less who has babies –as long as they can support them"...

Just then Alec Baldwin chimed in with..."Well how about this administration that took all the welfare money from those 1 million children." And then he actually looked at the crowd like Kingston 'got served'...all smug-like.

I guess that's the fundamental divide. The left supports abortion, scoffs at abstinence, and rejects accountability. I don't get it. I don't know that I believe an abstinence program would work for that age group, but what's wrong with trying and adding it to the mix? Here's a condom and some pills, but if you're too lazy to use them...maybe try keeping it in your pants. And if you "oops" more than once, you're on your own.

Which brings me to a semi-related rant...In a few of the local political ads that were running here ad naseum, Casey Jr. was accusing Santorum of refusing to support increased childcare payouts. Why are there any childcare payouts for anyone but single parents with no other recourse than daycare?

I provide childcare for my I entitled to that payout? I gave up a great second income to provide my own daycare...and do I even get a tax break for it? Does any struggling family I know? No, we don't. Yes, it was our choice, but there should at least be the appearance of equality for parents that struggle and live paycheck to paycheck so one parent can stay home...

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