Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Disenchanted Republicans: Our "Luck" is Your Vote.

This is an Open Letter to "Disenchanted" Republicans and Conservatives that plan to abstain from today's elections:

I thought you were a media creation, but alas, I find that I am living with one of you-- so I thought I should address this odd phenomenon.

I get it... you're mad that we are not winning in Iraq because we're waging a Politically Correct war, you're mad because terrorists are receiving more rights and better treatment than our Soldiers and Marines, you're mad because Bush said "Islamofascists" once and then caved and hasn't used the term since, you're mad illegals are flooding our borders, you're mad because government is expanding instead of shrinking and you're mad because most of the Republicans in Congress are nothing but RINOs... I agree and I'm mad too.

But here's what I don't get...why would you then allow control go to a party that would go further from your ideals. You're mad because the republicans are acting like Democrats, and yet your absence from the polls could contribute to a Democratic win in the House or Senate. How can you rationalize that? Bush isn't being hawkish enough so you'll let a Dove through the door? Congress is spending too much so you'll allow Charlie Rangel to head the Ways & Means Committee? Our soldiers are dying because they can't carry the appropriate ammunition to spare civilians and you'll let Nancy Pelosi be the Speaker of the House? You're mad about illegals and you'll welcome the party of amnesty? Come on, if you're a Conservative you're obviously a critical thinker --and this is just piss poor logic.

There are things to be mad about, but there are also things to be grateful for that would never have been brought to fruition with Democrats in power:

  • NSA wiretapping and Patriot Act: That has thwarted over 12 major terror plots to date.

  • John Bolton, a major critic of the United Nations, now our ambassador to the United Nations.

  • Two conservative Supreme Court justices installed, Roberts and Alito (maybe the most important thing).

  • The despicable act of partial birth abortion is officially banned.

  • The Unborn Victims of Violence Act signed into Law (Lacey & Conner's Law) that gives a fetus killed in a homicide the rights it deserves.

  • Child Molesters are now required to be listed on a national data base.

  • Though it was late in coming, the illegal immigration fence bill

  • The fact that since we are pulling terrorists into Iraq like a cyclone...there have been no attacks here since 9/11.

  • Saddam is in jail waiting to be hung.

  • Bin Laden may not be caught, but he's living in a cave --presumably with his own excrement.

  • Countless al Qaeda & Taliban members captured and/or killed.

  • The economy is booming, unemployment is lower than it was during Clinton's tech bubble, the DOW at an all time high and tax cuts remain intact.

  • This is not the time for hissy fits or statements...this is the time to get out and vote to keep what little sanity we have in Congress (and hope for rain).

    As for The Man not wanting to vote, I can barter with him in a way I can't with you all...so he will be at the polls today, whether he originally intended to or not. (He'll be the one with the big smile.)

    There is no "good luck" in politics...our luck is YOUR VOTE!

    ...What are you still doing here? Go Vote!

    For some interesting and amusing election day reading...go over and read the Lieberman bashing (courtesy of the Kos Kids) that turned into Hillary and Obama bashing and then bashing each other. One commenter said [this is why the left will never control anything in this country] and I have to agree. Those crazy Kos Kids can't even get along with each other. This is definitely the far left gone wild...

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