Friday, November 17, 2006

Check Companies' Hiring Practices...

...Aside from the politicians catering to the Hispanic vote, the ACLU and the limousine liberals-- illegal immigration seems to be the one subject most Americans agree on. Finally, a subject that's not red or blue --but red, white and blue (wow, that was corny...but you get the point).

Now there is a website where you can report companies that are hiring illegals and check companies/contractors before you hire them to make sure they aren't partaking of illegal labor: We Hire

I'm wondering if companies/businesses can use this as a selling point. Advertise right on their trucks: "No illegal labor" or "Legal Labour Only". Can't you see it? Jimmy's Masonry - Pure American Labor. Actually, the word labor creates a word-association to Unions in my head. Jimmy's Masonry - American Workers for American Consumers. Okay, so I'm no marketing expert...but once again, you get the point.

Speaking of Unions... has some great new commercials:

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