Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Bizarro World

Rumsfeld facing 'war crimes' lawsuit

John Murtha or Steny Hoyer as House Majority Leader

A Soros-funded group calling Murtha Unethical Congressman

Hamaas won't recognize Israel, but Israel to let Palestinian troops into Gaza

Tony Blair thinks Iran and Syria are allies

Iran is unfettered while planning Holocaust Part II

Dems scrapping the 'border fence'

A new poll shows that though they elected them...most don't believe Dems have a plan for Iraq

Patrick Leahy wants to re-instate habeas corpus for terrorists

And then there's the Veteran's day letter to Pelosi and Conyers from Mother Sheehan:

"...We the people are shocked that you two are already stridently saying over and over again that impeachment is "off the table." Since the historic Nov. 7th elections, I have talked to a boat-load of Americans who want impeachment on the table. We activists worked hard to make these elections about national issues, like the illegal and immoral occupation of Iraq, and the culture of corruption that, especially you, Ms. Pelosi have been railing against for months now. And you, Mr. Conyers, have already written a brilliant and detailed indictment of BushCo. We the people are definitely puzzled by your rhetoric....

...It turns our stomachs when you talk about "working" with the Republicans. First of all, these people have allowed BushCo free rein in committing their high crimes and misdemeanors and crimes against humanity. Why would you want to work with murderers, liars, and crooks? When one works with criminals, one becomes complicit and culpable for those crimes. We elected you all to be different, not more of the same.

Secondly, and more importantly, BushCo have openly committed egregious crimes which they have all admitted to. The question really isn't: should they be impeached, but why haven't they been impeached, removed from office and criminally charged and tried for these crimes, yet? I believe that when Congressional Representatives and Senators are sworn into office they take an oath to protect the constitution, not to protect, aid, and abet criminals. The investigation and eventual rubber stamp to begin impeachment proceedings against Nixon was a bi-partisan effort and Nixon wasn't even investigated for the level of crimes that BushCo should be investigated for...

...Do it for Casey, do it for his buddies, do it for the people of Iraq, do it for the people who were devastated by Katrina, do it to bring legitimacy back to Congress and our Constitution, do it to raise our reputation in the international community, do it just because it is the right thing to do.

See you on January 3rd.
Peace soon,
Cindy Sheehan" (If you can stomach it --Read the whole letter)

Have I awoken in Bizzaro world?

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