Sunday, November 19, 2006

Atlantic City: A Little Depressing...

Last night, The Man and I did something out of character and went on a 'party bus' with some people from my dojo down to Atlantic City. The 1 1/2 hour ride was chock-full of gambling games (bingo and horse racing), "jungle juice", and karaoke.

Neither of us gamble and neither of us were drinking (I rarely drink and he just had a wisdom tooth removed), but they gave us $20 each to play the slots and $8 each for the buffet. On The Man's first $.25 he won $100 and then $2.00 later another $110. Bastard. I won a grand total of $36.

Anyway, I found the experience to be quite depressing. All of my other trips to AC were in my single days when I was quite self-absorbed...I never really actually looked around at the "casino population" --it looked like a bunch of very poor old people that were spinning away there meager income on the off chance they'd hit it big. I couldn’t help but think that many of them were spending food and utility money that would be acutely felt once the dream of fortune was crushed. I could picture one woman in particular eating cat food for the next month...

The atmosphere, being as such, drove us to the buffet with another couple were we had dessert and coffee and chatted about the ills of Philadelphia -both social and political.

I don't get the whole gambling thing --I will gladly play with someone else's money...but to feed my own into the machine? Not so much. Then again, non-smokers don't understand nicotine addiction. I guess we all have our destructive vices to contend with...

Playing bingo on a bus to AC and using coupons for the buffet...oh God, we're officially old. ;)

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