Thursday, November 16, 2006

Age-Dictated Hair Length?

Why is it that as soon as you turn 30 everyone asks when you're going to cut your hair? Why is hair length age-dictated? I love long hair (if it's not ratty). Why all the long hair haters? Yes, all hairdressers want to cut your hair, but that's only because it's no fun for them just doing trims all day...

I did cut my hair really short once. It was after I had Justice and the texture changed and I was looking like Bob Marley. I cut it all off. I was miserable for two years. I don't have one of those perfect faces with tiny little features that can pull off short hair... Not to mention the fact that I looked so much older with it short.

Anyway, I realize this isn't an earth-shattering subject. I guess I'm just curious as to what prompts the 'Hair cutting' questions? Some old wives tale about over-thirty-somethings and long hair? And is there some unwritten age when I have to cut it even if it's still healthy...? Is there a comparable age-dictated "requirement" for men?

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