Thursday, November 09, 2006

Adding Injury to Insult...

I'm not ashamed to admit that I was pretty damn depressed yesterday (there may have been some tears shed). Yes, I read way too much news and I admit that has made me a bit of an alarmist (warranted or unwarranted is up for debate)... But I couldn't help thinking things like --if we pull out of Iraq and create another pre-invasion Afghanistan and something happens to my kids I will personally punish each Republican that cast a protest vote... Like pulling our Marines from Beirut and our forces from Somalia, we have now told the world we can't handle the blood (no matter how Dems see it, that IS how the Muslim world sees it) and now what?

Basically I was feeling sorry for myself and it was pouring rain, so I was planning to stay home and read or knit and watch a documentary about Hitler's secretary. My sis called and wanted me to go food shopping with her, so I decided to be a good sister and go. We dropped the baby off at my mom's and three seconds later proceeded to get broadsided by a crappy little green Saturn...

I was turning left and a car stopped at a red light waved me through. I inched forward, looked and there were no cars coming in the other lane. I pulled out and (in seeming slow motion) see a car coming right for my door. SLAM. She must have scooted out from behind the line of traffic and came out of nowhere.

It should have been filmed for a Jeep commercial. Her Saturn was crunched into an accordion --and my Grand Cherokee doesn't have one scratch or dent. I think the alignment might be a little messed up, but I swear- not even a tiny scratch. The girl was freaking out that her car was totaled and you couldn't even tell I'd been hit. My brother (the one that just finished fire school) had walked down from my moms and told her, "...Because you are driving a death's a plastic piece of crap that doesn't have a solid frame...we had a whole class on Saturns during our EMS training". Poor girl...she proceeded to grill him on what car she should have... duh, a JEEP.

Look... it's amazing. Best.vehicle.ever.

As if it wasn't bad enough that a San Francisco liberal is now the Speaker of the House --I now have an accident that will be considered my fault...even though it wasn't. Way to kick me while I'm down. At least the baby wasn't in the car.

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