Tuesday, November 21, 2006

363 Murders Prompts Calls for Cut & Run From Philadelphia

I found this priceless post by Doc Savage over at Free Republic:

"The announcement that Philadelphia recorded its 363rd murder today brought calls from both city and state Republicans for an immediate police and citizen pullout from the embattled city.

Former Senator Rick Santorum called on Mayor John Street, (Democrat-Philadelphia) to resign or face impeachment. Calling Street's policy toward criminals "...a failed liberal policy resulting in massive daily deaths on the city's streets" Santorum urged an immediate withdraw of beleaguered police and citizens.

Santorum stated that Street's lies and malfeasance have led to an ever increasing escalation of a civil war between criminals and law abiding citizens.

Congressman John Murtha,(Democrat-Pennsylvania) downplayed the casualties saying in his opinion the police have acted like crazed Nazi's by trampling on murderer's civil rights.

Gov. Ed )Fast-Eddy) Rendell, when contacted for a response indicated that 363 dead was a minor inconvenience to Philadelphia's trash pickup crews and he personally hoped that Pennsylvania would set a new record death toll by year's end.

Three Hundred and sixty three murders since January in the City of Brotherly Love --a city that has been run by Democrats for the last 35+ years. We seriously need to bring "crime" back into the National Debate. We have to get rid of liberal activist judges that let criminals back on the streets because of some misfortune in their pasts... This is beyond unacceptable.

(Another senseless Philly Murder: Alan Iverson will pay for the funeral of a 22 year old who was killed because he wouldn't hand over his AI Jersey.)

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