Thursday, October 12, 2006

Two Perplexing Things... the United Nations. (I know there are way more than two, but two that I want to mention here)

The first is the ridiculous tidbit I heard the other day is that Mexico is going to take the United States before the UN (Telling on us?) and the European Union for the impending construction of the border fence...

What could possibly be their opening argument?

"The United States is being mean by trying to keep our poor people, that we can't seem to feed and employ even though we have oil and tons of tourism, out of their country and in the country of their origin." ?!

The second is that Kofi Annan is saying that the United States should have one-on-one talks with Kim Jong Il...? The little man defies everyone and then gets what he wants? I thought Kofi was a father? Do we give a child what they want after they throw a temper tantrum? Why would we reward this man for setting off a nuclear bomb? ...No wonder Kofi's son is shady, he probably got rewarded for bad behavior too...

The David Zucker (another Hollywood Conservative!) Ad the GOP won't run:

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