Monday, October 30, 2006

The Somebodys Can Always Steal From the Nobodys...

When My Space sold to Rupert Murdoch and You Tube sold to Google, most people were thinking "Why can't I come up with a brilliant idea?" Imagine you came up with YouTube and then those guys got the credit and the 1.6 billion dollars...would you be content just knowing you had the viable idea?

There has only been one reoccurring feature here on Blonde Sagacity. My brainchild, my baby and one of my favorite things to post... "In the Sandbox". It's a showcasing of milblog excerpts and letters written by Soldiers, Marines, and Airmen currently serving in Iraq and Afghanistan (with a bit of eye candy for good measure). I'm not sure how many I've done over the past two years, but I have to assume it's in the hundreds... has a "new" feature offered up by Doonesbury's Gary Trudeau. It's called "The Sandbox" and it's content? Well, excerpts from milblogs of Soldiers, Marines and Airmen currently serving in Iraq and Afghanistan (though, there's no eye candy). Wow, that sounds SO familiar... Where have I seen the same title, concept and content? Oh that's right, RIGHT HERE for the past freakin' two years.

At first I really didn't want to say anything because lots of the milbloggers I like were getting their 15 minutes. But then I thought, screw that...stealing is stealing (--even if it was inadvertent?) The more I think about it, the more upset I get. Maybe my Milblog friends that knew full well it was my idea should have refused to partake in the heisted project out of solidarity...?

Someone said I should be content in the knowledge that I had a valid idea. Why would I be content with that? I've put thousands of hours into this site with not a penny to show in hopes of a viable idea --and now someone else is being compensated for the time and effort?

This is the problem with being a nobody...a somebody can come along and take whatever they want from you...and know that you can't afford a lawyer to prove it.

Seeing all the same sites on the left that chastised me for my feature (telling me calling it 'The Sandbox' was trivializing the war, and I shouldn't be equating civilian deaths to a child's play toy) now heralding "Trudeau's genius" is frustrating enough to make me nix the blog...

Sorry, I know no one else gives a crap about this, but the situation has me truly pissed off (and that doesn't happen all that often). I have no other recourse than to bitch and moan and feel slighted.

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