Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Schools & Self Defense

A school in Burleson (Texas) has received a $95,000 grant to teach students how to "fight back" in an instance of school violence.

Fighting back could involve anything from students simultaneously pelting the intruder with whatever they can grab (from books to monitors) to piling on top of the person rendering him/her immobile.

"...Hoping to stiffen its defense against nefarious intruders, the Burleson school district is training students and teachers to fight back with everything from books to scissors.

The "critical incident response" training for teachers and students instructs them to disrupt attackers by barraging them with classrooms supplies, officials said.

"Crawling under a table and hoping and waiting for rescue is not a recipe for survival," Greg Crane, an incident response trainer." (source)

I LOVE this idea. I think it's incredibly empowering for the children -especially in light of the stress that current events have placed on them. I love anything proactive (preemptive).

Of course there are some naysayers. Some are whining this is teaching violence. Since when is self defense violence? School intrusion has changed --it's like Flight 93 realizing they weren't going to be used a bargaining chips. If someone enters a school now, we must assume people will be shot and it's worth the chance fighting back... I also think the program will give the kids a sense of control.

Personally, I can't see any drawbacks...but then again, I'm no pacifist.

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