Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A Sailor, A Marine, and The Girl Who Cried "Rape"

My sister and I often argue because she thinks I "take the man's side" in too many rape allegations... I guess it's because I have known too many women that would use such allegations, not to get the "rapist" in trouble, but to inspire sympathetic and heroic Lancelot-esque feelings in their significant other (or would-be significant other).

I AM NOT saying I don't think rape happens, of course it does...but I believed Kobe and I believed the Duke Lacrosse team. I have been around enough emotional opportunists to spot one. Here's the thing though, EVERY woman should hate these women because each time they cry "rape" when it isn't true -they belittle the real tragedies other women have endured. They make it harder for the genuine victims to prove their case. They lower the public sympathy factor. They should be held to the standards the so-called rapist would have been...

Take 22 year old Ashley Elrod from Kill Devil Hills. She met a sailor online and the "fell in love" (they met for the first time in court with her sailor, Cooper Jackson, facing murder charges). Ashley told Jackson she had been raped by a Marine while two other marines held her down. This was a complete fabrication -which she has now admitted...she "didn't like who [she] was and needed the attention". (source 1, source 2)

Subsequently the Sailor somehow decided the perpetrator had been 23 year old Cpl. Justin L. Huff and Elrod let me run with that story (though neither had ever met him). Jackson them handcuffed the marine and proceeded to slit his throat -twice.

The sickest part of the story is that Ashley Elrod, hotel clerk extraordinaire and needy sicko, has not been charged. Isn't there an "instigating a homicide" charge?

(H/T: Liz)

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