Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Parenting VS. Paranoia

With the death of the girl and molestation of the others in Colorado, the principal that was shot and killed by a 15 year old student in Wisconsin, the horror yesterday in the Pennsylvania Amish school that left three five young girls dead and more critically wounded...

...on top of the knowledge about what happened in Beslan, Russia...

What is a parent to do to stay proactively protective without sinking into despair and overprotective paranoia? I'm walking that line.

Three school shootings in less than a week (and that's not even counting the shooting at that Canadian college).

It's bad enough knowing there are so many violent child predators that we knowingly release from prison because "they've paid their debt to society" or that we never catch because someone their rights were violated in the search or arrest --but now add the fact that some lunatic or disgruntled child could walk into their school and start shooting. I have been complaining since the Russian school incident about the nonchalant attitude toward school safety --if anything comes of this, I hope it's prompting discussions that will lead to direct plans of action.

I know, I know...the odds, but do you think any of the parents of those three little girls that sent them off to a one room school house in their horse and buggy thought there was any chance they would never be coming home again?

How could we possibly live in a country and a world that thinks so little of innocent life? I’m sure you can guess where I think the devaluation of children began --we have told our citizens it's okay to kill children when they're not convenient and that has seeped into the very fibers of who we are (as any group throughout history that wanted to justify killing dehumanized those they were seeking to kill). We, the greatest country have succumbed to the 'progressive idea' that it's okay to defend a child murderer and a pedophile...as we terminate a child. Maybe it's all the cold meds, but I am feeling quite bitter today.

Anyway, how does a parent balance all the (real) risks, yet allow their child to grow up with all the experiences they should have...?

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