Friday, October 27, 2006

O'Reilly on Oprah Today

I used to be a big Oprah fan. Nothing impresses me more than a woman that beats the odds (tons of odds) and becomes incredibly successful. I still give her much credit for a lot of what she's done with her fame (and money), but I haven't watched her show in over two years.

Now, even when I watched Oprah it was for the heartwarming stories...I was never expecting a hard-hitting interview. Let's face it, as talented as she is, the woman throws more softballs than a local bar league. That was never more glaring that the "Vote" show in 2004 when the Mensa-genius Cameron Diaz told Oprah's audience that [if Bush won, rape would be legal] and Oprah responded with [it's your voice that counts]? What? You don't call her on that? I know, I've kvetched about this before but it's so incredibly irresponsible for a talk show icon that influences thousands (millions?) of hero-worshipping housewives to allow such blatant disinformation.

Appearing on Oprah today is the ever-pompous Bill O'Reilly (and I say that in an endearing way) in a town Hall style setting. Regardless of what you think of his egotistical style (I happen to aspire to it), Bill says what he thinks and doesn't capitulate to celebs. A right-leaning voice on Oprah is a rare event --and I intend break my Oprah fast and will be watching today...

I hear it looks like they had plants in the audience and from some of the left'o'sphere posts I found that seems to be the case. Isn't it laughable they think they can ruffle O'Reilly? Don't they think there's a reason they're blogging in their PJs and he's the #1 cable news host in the country...those silly little liberals.

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