Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Open Season on Hunters

When you're sick you can take off school, you can call out of work and you can even be lazy about posting on your blog, but you can never get a day off from being a mom...so I drug myself out of the house and took the boys to see Open Season yesterday.

Think of this as a public service announcement.

If you or anyone your kids care about is a hunter (or even dabbles in hunting) DO NOT take them to see this movie.

In many of the Disney films there's that underlying subplot about the evil hunters, but in this Sony creation it's the *only* message (there may be a slight "wild animals belong in the forest and not in your house as a pet" message...). This movie has only one 'moral' and that is: Hunters Wait, let me use a direct quote from the film, "Yahoos" are evil, wacko rednecks that name and caress their guns and kill cute little creatures for sick pleasure. That's about it.

Now, *I* would never hunt (though I love to fish/crab). I would never date/marry someone that hunted. It's not my thing (I worked at a vet for 9 years and always seemed a conflict of interest). But, I understand the need for it --the overpopulation, and the lack of food for growing herds. I live in a high deer traffic area and I would rather see them go with one painless shot than broken, twisted and still alive on the side of the road as I often do.

I don't vilify hunters, I just would rather not know about it.

This movie however would probably cause a lot of confusion for the kid of a hunter. IMO anyway.

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