Thursday, October 05, 2006

OMG, I Am So Sick of Foley...

But, I have to get a few things of my I have to talk about it one more time.

Actually, I can't even bear to write about it, so I'll just make my points and move on:

--First of all, I felt terrible when this story first broke because if I had only read the initial emails, I don't think I would have taken steps into an investigation. I may have thought it was a bit odd, but truthfully I always think older people say odd things when trying to talk/relate to younger kids...

--I want to know who had these emails/IMs and how long they had them. (Is it true it was a George Soros funded left-wing group that broke this?) Was someone that actually knew the entire story potentially putting more kids at risk by holding on to these for an "October surprise"? Now that would be a pretty sick cover-up huh?

--If there was so much talk about Foley's "weirdness toward young boys", why didn't any of the Democrats on Capitol Hill hear the whispers? Are they that disengaged?

--Did I hear right that now they found out the page was 18...? Wasn't Monica 18? (Stop the ACLU is pointing out that ABC has gone from calling him a "boy" to a "young man") Wild Bill of passionate America broke the story --and you will not believe all the vicious threats in his comments from those loving liberal pacifists!!! Wow.

Okay, that's it. I'm sick to death of this... If anyone changes a vote because some guy digs young (but legal) boys --so be it.

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