Thursday, October 26, 2006

A NYT Apology?!

First of all I have to thank Jules Crittenden for introducing me to a new word...I love when that happens. I guess I should also thank my father who, during my childhood, always responded with "look it up" when I asked the meaning of a word I came across while I was reading...

News Ombudsman: Newspaper and media ombudsman offices are especially valuable for promoting journalistic integrity on behalf of readers, viewers and listeners. (source)

Should I have known that already?

Anyway, Jules is reporting that the ombudsman of the NYT, Byron Calame, has actually apologized for the leaking of National Security...

"...Calame, in the throes of some inexplicable crisis of conscience, has admitted his newspaper was wrong to reveal a secret U.S. government program to monitor bank transactions of terrorists, and that he was not only wrong but hypocritical to defend it. He did not mention hopelessly lacking in perspective, but I’ll get to that.

Calame has acknowledged that the United States government’s Swift program to monitor overseas banking transactions in order to zero in on suspected terrorists was legal, under appropriate oversight, and posed no threat to law-abiding Americans. He acknowledged that, but for his prejudices, he could have arrived at this conclusion upon reading the original article. He acknowledged that it was a bad idea for the New York Times to reveal this program to our enemies, over the objections of our government, four months ago...

...With Byron Calame’s remarkable admission, we see what could be the beginnings of an awakening. I’m not holding my breath. But I’m an optimist. And I think I just saw a hairline crack in the arrogance of one of America’s most powerful media institutions." (Read the Entire Piece)

Is the sky falling?

(*Picture Credit: California Conservative -Hugo Chavez added by me)

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