Monday, October 30, 2006

MSM & DNC Mimicking the Right?

For those on the mid to far left that refuse to believe most of the country doesn't agree with you...ponder this:

1) Fox News consistently beats everyone else in ratings. Now, CNN has asked Laura Ingraham to "be a regular" on a show that would go up against O'Reilly. CNN recruiting hardcore conservatives when they have lucrative draws like Larry King and Wolf Blitzer...? Imagine that... (Needless to say, she's declining)

2) If the Democrats do take the House or the Senate they are looking for moderate to conservative Democratic leadership --and many in the party are saying that if members like Nancy Pelosi take over the seats that are gained in '06 will be lost in /08...

"...The new Democratic majority, should it occur, will consist of a fresh crop of moderate and conservative members whose elections will have been won in part by distancing themselves from the party's progressive wing.

Faced with possible Republican control of the Senate, the president's veto pen and most likely a narrow edge in the House, many Democrats insist they must moderate their agenda and reach out to Republicans to expand their majority and improve their chances of winning the White House in 2008.

"The only thing worse than not taking back the House would be taking it back for one term,'' warned Rep. Mike Thompson, D-St. Helena, an officer in the Blue Dog Coalition, a group of 37 conservative and moderate House Democrats. "I think even the most 'liberal' person in our caucus understands that. There's folks who may not believe that things are going as fast as they want them to go, but they understand we have to be pragmatists." (Read the entire article)

So, if you want higher ratings...hire very vocal conservatives and if you want to win and keep Congressional seats...act like Republicans. Interesting.

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